Wadham 1967 coffee drinkers
dedicated to the small band of coffee drinkers who were at Wadham College Oxford from 1967 to 1970.

Wadham 1967-70

Trinity term, Summer 1968: 


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Michaelmas term, October 1967, after matriculation:


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What bound us together? Was it that we were all outcasts (from grammar schools, and largely from the North of England)? Or was it that we were Unpretentious and Warm (thank you MO!). These were the days of No Girls, trips to Wheatley, Maurice Bowra the Warden, climbing in after 11pm, and student sit-ins.

2013 Gaudy in hall

2016  July 2nd Wadham benefactors' garden party:

2016 July 2nd Graham's dinner party

rogues gallery:

Adrian Alker

Rob Evans

Len Ford

Dave Gough
dave gough

Dave Livingstone
dave livingstone

Graham Pearce

John Rhodes.
Married Marie Carleton 1985
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john rhodes

Paul Tofts

living in Brighton, one 19 year old boy Alex.
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Married Claudia 2014

John Whelan

Dave Williams
RIP 28.7.2015
dave williams

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